Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tagged by neneq

15 little known facts

here we go:

1.i dont eat sambal udang. i just dont know why.usually, if mak cooked sambal udang, i'll skip the lauk n makanla pape yg lain.i only eat udang yg masak ala2 rebus (spt dlm tomyam), udang in mee or kuew teow, n udang goreng.

2.i dont have a brain for numbers. enuf said.

3.dont like satay. in fact, i can only accept satay daging.i dont really eat satay ayam. but satay arnab n rusa ok ayam x best buat satay.n i dont eat satay with kuah kacang.only the nasi impit je yg makan ngan kuah kacang.

4.paid for my own car (most people assume that as the youngest, my parents paid everything. na'a~) sensitive.well, im a lady so im allowed to be. haha

6.can only be myself when im with people that i am comfortable with. therefore, if im different when im with different people.

7.addicted to peanuts.seriously i can literally live on kekacang. i used to buy loads of kacng2 pelbagai jenis n rasa when i was in uia. haha. usually bei time pasar malam la. x caye tanye jon.(referring toreal peanut.kekacang.bkn peanut as in "my peanut" ye) maybe...thats y i end up with all these jerawat. haha

8.weakness: bags,shoes and cars

9.dont like the smell of sun. i dont like to hang the clothes outside coz i dont like the smell of sun.teyha je yg suke bau2bauan matahari ni~ hehe and will always be a pemakan cili yg tegar. hahah. the spicier, the better. hehe

11.i love arts.everything arty n outside mainstream will get my attention.but dont do arts.

12.can spend hours curling up under the duvet n daydreming. (aku mmg slalu berangan.aih.bad habit) wahahah.

13.have a few bad habits which im not going to spill here. heheh.

14.usually too lazy to reply smses. apetah lg nk call back if ade miskol.sgtla pemalas. my hp is always merata2.

15.same as neneq; i judge ppl from the 1st impression. emm, i sometimes observe n make assumption about people in the first meeting. x baik tp....haha.

can i tag back? ala.. buat la weyh buatla.. nnt leh aku tau pasal korang plak~


teyha! said...

ye aku suda agak da yang PINAT tu. haha. kamu suka peanut dan PINAT. teringat kacang koh kae dalam kereta bga 8479 (rindu nya!) . sedapnya, syaja. hihi.

mori said...

oh koh kae mmg sedap!