Wednesday, September 24, 2008

people in love

y do they have to waste time n money to argue over silly things over the phone.

long distance relationship means limited time to see and spend time together. so y bother to gaduh n merajuk n nagis2 over bende kecik such as the bf lambat angkat phone, the gf dh tdo time bf call, the bf lambat call (sbb tgh siapkan kerja kot), the bf teringat that the gf puji another fren as handsome. god. not good reasons to gaduh smpai x tdo malam n mate bengkak sbb nangis.not even worth any tears.

when u cant see ur other half because u two live n work in different parts of the country, i think the time spent on the phone should be used to talk about happy happy u wont waste the money, time, and energy.

unless u are calling the other half to complain about the cruel world n perhaps seek some solace listening to him/her comforting u. that's a different story.

yeah i know, i always complain about others.pardon me for having the obsession to observe people n be critical about their life and mine.its just people amazed me. they never stop giving me reasons to think and complain.

p/s: the disadvantage of curik2 gune wifi kedai mamak bwh rumah is selalu dc.


teyha! said...

mane la tak byk kene pikir kamu ne, syaja.

.layla tumaisuri. said...

u observed LDR couple eyh?
well,to me, those that u mentioned above were sometimes a 'big' thing to the other half coz maybe he/she was missing too much his/her soulmate.
tp kalo dah smpi gadoh and cry their heart out macam lebih2 plak kan??

i agree on the statement that talk over things that delights both parties coz yeah, u really don't have time for the partner especially when u'r back home.
things keep running around and u'r trying to catch up all. that's the problem of some ppl.u can't seem to satisfy all. kan?

both have commitments and duh,one has to understand the other condition as different time zones especially.
things dun always come their way but they can work it out by not crying. please. it's just making the other mate sick of that mengade attitude.

em, sorry for the long comment.

take care syaza!

mori said...

teyha:haha.mcm kamu br kenal aku sehari~

layla:huhu.coz im in one. =)

.layla tumaisuri. said...

laa.. ye ke?
tabah yeah?
haish... kuatkan semangat. huhu..
jgnla sampai jd perkara besar. tau.

teyha! said...

ooo. itu PINAT sudah upgrade status ha....