Friday, September 12, 2008

i think i miss spending time with mak

thank god its friday. yee~ going home straight after this.

mak asked to join her at the buka puasa with her friends. i know almost all of her friends and they know me well too. u see, i am always following mak to her weekend meetings with friends or even to her friends party etc. i guess being the only daughter have made it compulsory for me to accompany her whenever abah is not around. so that is y almost all my mom's frens can recognize me when im out with friends.

truth is.. im her personal assistant cum driver. haha

n i was about to buy a car sticker that says "mom's taxi" n "mom's driver inside"at a shopping mall, (which i dont know the name coz aku sebenanye sesat time tu tp dh nmpk ade mall, parking je la pastu jalan2 jap.hehe. but it was in kinrara if im not mistaken) as if she has this psychic power..she called me n me being the obedient n honest child told her bout the sticker. haha. she laughed n then she said "oo...selame ni x ikhlas la ye?" haha.

anyway, was at shah alam yesterday. having my buka puasa with hala. catching up with her and touring around her house (finally die akhirnye duduk rumah sewa~ haha) so yg sesat td tu senanye time otw nk g shah alam.tersalah masuk jalan g KL la pulak so patah balik n sesat jap b4 dpt jmpe jalan g kesas. hehe. off to have my 'lunch-break'

p/s1:Teha, if u read this...ketahuilah aku nk dtg uia next week hari rabu.hehe. cuti kan?

p/s2: Lene, sorry x smpat belanje nasi ayam lemon. smalam aku makan nasi ayam lemon~hehe. next year aku blanje eh.i try.


aleng said...

nk gak nasik ayam lemon

teyha! said...

ooooooH! syaja! aku sudah janji mau pergi menangkap gambar dan buka puasa dgn awe. nanti aku cari kamu ya, untuk tangkap gamba dan post kat blog =]

mori said...

xpe teyha~ aku x jd dtg =(

teyha! said...

haaa? x jadi datang? alaaaaaa. aku juga x jadi keluar dgn awe, them doctors ade kelas.