Tuesday, August 19, 2008

the language on our face

i guess when one is not satisfied with anything in life, it shows in the face. yep.
no matter how hard u try to hide it, it still shows.
well, starting the day complaining on soooo many things is not good. (to me, it shows dissatisfaction)

*i know planning for a wedding is stressful but do you really have to whine on how stressful u are (n there will be no other reason than the w.e.d.d.i.n.g p.r.e.p.a.r.a.t.i.o.n) everytime people come to u freaking out coz they havent finished their reports, planning he final exams questions, filling in the carry marks etc.
*one of the things that Muslim women always delay or try-to-forget is to qada' the puasa. it will almost always be done in Sya'ban- the last few days before Ramadhan la selalunye. n when there are not enuf days to qada'... they'll start fasting everyday semata2 nk abeskan qada' tu. then along come the whining n complaining of having to fast or 2 weeks straight. duh. who's the one who lengahkan qada' tu? p/s: procastinating is always a bad bad bad idea.

those are just some of the things that really is not good for a bride-to-be coz i think i can see few lines starting to add up in the face.

oh yes, i once exted a friend: "xxx, can u ee it in my face time aku tgh tension?"
n she replied: "haha. yes! i can see it.seryes.muke kau mcm tgh tahan nafas. lalala~"

he he he

*batuk*batuk* feel like eating potato salad tonite lah.


teyha! said...

kamu kenape? blog kamu gelap. ini bukan kamu.

mie_amour said...

aiyark!!straight to the face..mmg btul sgt rmai yg wat cnggitu..huhuhuu...yg pnting sndiri salah n jngan cmplain laa..

syaza, bout the vacancy tu, leh bg details xpun phone number x?need to knowlaa every details..thanx sgt2 coz gtau ade keje kosong..i really appreciate it!thanx!

mira amir @ miraneq said...

please2 my dear.black is soo not u!haha.i xboleh nk bc tau :P