Wednesday, August 27, 2008


its going to rain soon. i love this time of the day... i mean, a few minutes before i left the office. oh its raining! *weeeee~*

thank god the auditors were gone. the audit week sudah habis! double the YAY! haha. but yep. still a lot of works to do. been bz since last week becoz of the auditors n stuff. n monday took a leave for my graduation. was hoping that my vips will be there but some didnt but thats okay coz im happy enuf to see those familiar faces and being in the holy was a relief. wish i cud be there n not here. it true that people always started to appreciate things when they are gone. n now, i am feeling a slight regret for always hoping to end my studies quick and start working asap. doi. i miss my dear old friends. i miss hs cafe (though i rarely be seen there, i seriously miss the familiar crowd there)

lucky that i get to meet almost everyone that i want to meet.teha, nurul, them, beni, wawa, naj, aleng, pinat, ali, bla bla bla.

oh yes.i miss the cheese bread and sandwiches at ainon.i miss the teh ais at hs cafe.i miss asma's roti canai n char kuew teow.i miss hafsa's lauk pauk yg sgt pelbagai.i miss mancongkam~ i miss lepaking at mali's....merayau at jj wangsa for groceries at otk n giant...oh in short, i miss the people, the food, n the fun. hahah.

ok. mau pulang. rakan2 sudah memanggil.babai. sambung esok.


nuu! said...


teyha! said...

eyeshadow hijau. hihi.

atishoo86 said...

congrats syaza!! =)

mori said...

aah ijau. teyha nmpk ek?
hehe. time kasih semua~

akucali said...

sedih! u put beni's name but not mine padahal i puji baju u lawa! hmph! majok. owh bfore i majok lemme say this. congrats proud sgt2 seeing u in that robe!:)