Thursday, July 31, 2008

tghari yg sejuk ^_^

haritu senanye nk wat my day part 2 tp disebabkan kekangan mase, make x jd.hahah.mcm bz sgt a plak bunyinye~

i never thought that explaining adjective can take more than 2 hours. i planned to discuss adjective and adverb in class today but i spent the 2 hour period explaining adjectives --"
explaining grammar is boring.lg best discuss literature in class rather than learning about grammar.(aku kerinduan kelas literature skrg.) oh, something funny happened in class today(well, it can be funny but actually, its shocking at the same time). some students give me "see freeze" as the answer when i asked them to check the meaning of 'frozen' in the dictionary. --" triple haih. even worse, yg gune english-malay dictionary gave me "lihat freeze" as the answer.god. i think i have to teach them on how to use the dictionary la. ive been told by the head of department to teach the students on using dictionaries but i thought that's not important. however, what happened today make me think that i really should teach them on how to use dictionaries. semalam pun ade student yg terkejut. when i said "check the pronunciation in your dictionary" he replied "ade ke bunyi2 sebutan dlm kamus?"

hahah. when i come back to the office, there are 3 technicians repairing the air cond. (finally!) so i dont hv to tadah air aircond tu lg. hehehe..n so i can bring my carpet tomorrow n hahah, bole x agaknye nk bwk tilam bantal sume masuk office? =p
ive been offering kueh2 yg dibeli di cafe to other lecturers tp semua pun xnk.ces.this is something that i should stop. i always go here n there buy this and that and i'll end up giving it to other people or worse, i'll juz put it in the bin. I came early this morning n while waiting for the notes yg tgh difotostat, i went to the cafe bought kueh2 n teh panas.padahal kenyang lg mkn sandwich pagi td kat rumah. n now, im trying so hard not to throw them. membazir tol a.x suke.
n oh yes, on the way to work this morning, me n my brother were talking bout the best way to stop mak from cooking. seriously, we have to stop her from feeding us with her 'healthy,clean n delicious' cookings before we started what is the best way to tell ur mom that u dont want her to stop feeding you? *oh, she's ruining my diet anyway --"* everyday, she'll prepare at least (at least, ok.) 2 different types of food for breakfast. this morning, it was karipap and nasi goreng. yesterday it was mee goreng n kuih emm (ape ye kuih yg kelapa n tgh die ade gula pastu kukus tu?)n she'll make us sit and eat sebelum g kerja.its a must.doi~ mcm mane aku nk kurus ni? n juz when i plan to have a light dinner, she'll force u to eat everything that she has prepared for dinner.btw, it was rendang ayam, sambal goreng, n sayur ape tah for dinner yesterday. haha.well, its not that im mad at her but.......please stop her. haha. mak mak.....haha.

a note for teha: see....mcm mana mau kurus.nnt la aku angkut kau balik rumah aku pastu kau la kene makan sume2 tu. haha


teyha! said...

weh. haha. boleh! aku leh duduk uma ko 1 hari, makan3, sok aku balek uia. aku pose + joging ptg tu. hihi. tade hal. jom pegi sg wang/times square. aku na kasut! dan beg! goodness~.

ina said...

bek ko mkn sementare ko xde penyakit yg wt ko xleh mkn mcm2 nnt. mak aku slalu ckp cmni. & aku x kan benti mkn! nyum nyum~

mira amir @ miraneq said...

i guess all the things that ur 2 frens are telling u above are all right!!!
and im 100% wth them.
makan before all the penyakit haunt you.hehehe

aLeng munirah said...

ataupon ko ikut gaya idop cik teyha tu. ko pose la . mcm arini ko mkn esok ko pose pastu mkn pastu pose .gilir2. n btau mak ko in advance. xknla mak ko nak halang ko pose kn. so cmtu ko bole kurangkn mkn [at least utk bf n lunch] tanpa perlu membitau mak ko suh benti masak. eh ko ade salah tulis dlm blog ko. ko type 'dont want her to stop feeding' bla3...

mauri said...

eh. aahla aleng.ahaha.betulla aku salah tulis.haha.mekaseh cadangan anda~

mie_amour said...

sedapnya makcik masak...nyum..nyum..ahahahaha!aku lapar baca entry ko yg ni..ahahaha..