Sunday, July 6, 2008

smarty curvy

i cant stop thinking that i cud be prettier n more attractive if im thinner. but dat doesnt mean im willing to starve myself nor do i want to go to d extend of stuffing myself with diet pills. its juz..something dat i want but it doesnt matter if i didnt get to be. but i also hv friends who wud die to swap their body with mine because no matter how much they eat, they r still as thin as erm..thin la. haha. so i guess i shud juz be grateful for who i am.
Well, a beautician at an anonymous slimming centre (*cough* i was given a free voucher for 2 slimming session n thanks to my cuz sbb slalu ajak aku temankn die g situ) told me that i shud stop going to d gym if i want to hv a nice figure. instead, she asked me to opt for protein diet n stop taking carbs...drink at least 3 litre of plain water n stay away from sugar. n when i asked bout occational jogs or other exercises, she said no (a BIG NO) coz she said its not good for my figure. emm, apparently, i think she forgot to mention "if u want to hv a HEALTHY body.." well wat about my jantung? im not an expert but i think exercising makes the heart stronger..kan?.
I don't exercise to get skinny because if I did that, every time I looked at the scale, I'd think it was a losing battle. I'd only end up frustrated and on the sofa, taking comfort in a bowl of nips... haha. I exercise because I have a wonderful life, and I want to live that life as long as I can, and in the best health that I'm able.
n when im still thinking of ways to become thin without having to starve myself (mcm la bole kan~ haha)...i came across an interesting articlein last month's Female mag when i found this statement; "curvier women are proven to be smarter than model-like skinny women". hahah.
n i immediately text my friends. this is BIG. well, at least for me. hehe. ok. its juz something that i think cud help me to stop thinking dat i HAVE to be thinner. *ok. ini adelah untuk sedapkan hati sendiri je tau*
haha. lalala~ so i google it up to see wat others are saying n heheh... there's this one article entitled "another reason why men like curves" by Gary Cleland with a picture of nigella on it.
curvaceous women live longer and that men find them more attractive but the new research suggests that they are also cleverer. a relief noi?~


lenepawida said...


can i get curvieerrrrr..?

lol..btw babe.jgn ikut nasihat itu.sile la mkn carb.a protein diet is not good.seryesly.

mauri said...

rilly? ok. ur the med stud. tell me more. well.. bkn disini la. hehe.
sbb everyone is sooooo into protein diet so wats d side effect?

lenepawida said...

aaa..nnt aku balik kite cite spjg mlm kebaikan mkn carb dan fat dan mengutuk encik atkins..wahaha :D

ina said...

aku x pnah diet haha tp aku exercise tuk jantung kesygan aku sbb aku ske mkn mknan bergoreng & berlemak yg x elok tuk jantung.