Sunday, July 27, 2008

of yesterday and the day before

apart from the rush to sg. petani, i love everything about yesterday.
too bad i left my camera on the dressing table! =*( have to wait for others to upload all the pictures la macam ni~ aiyoh.
friday: was home at 730pm. straight to um, kolej 12.arrived arround 1030pm if im not mistaken. spent the night with dearest friends (ina asked us to imagine as if we were on vacation sumwhere in pangkor katenye.haha). at midnite, we realized that we need a plastic bag to put the cupcake n so me, syakirin, n syahida went to a mamak stall to buy some plastic bags. oh yes, n ilya's slurpee as well. back at the hostel, we have a last minute packaging of the goodie bags and finish up all the left overs they bought at the pasa malam (murtabak,putu bambu,zinger burger n wat else? hehe)
saturday: started the day as early as 715am where everyone reluctantly woke up since ina bukak pintu yg membuatkan cahaya matahari masuk dgn silaunye. cet. lpas subuh pun mau tdo lg.haha. then bla bla bla (read: waiting for the ladies to bersiap) n we left kolej 12 around 1030am. arrived at Rebung at 11am n set up the registration table, arranging everything bla bla bla bla. its alreay 1240 when we started wondering where is everyone? it wasnt until pukul 1 lebih kot br ade yg dtg.phew~ then the eating started. byk gile food.hehe.anyway, me n ilya had fun karaoke-ing ella's songs when everybody else is busy taking pictures at the back.hahah.smpai mic tu abes battery weh.haha.but i left early since i hv to go to sg. petani at 6pm. tp aku smpai rumah pun dh kul 6 so me n family left for sg. petani around 640 cmtula. at first, i thought kedah is next to perak tp bile dh lam dlm kereta n x smpai2 i was like..."eh laa...b ingt...kedah is after penang.cet" n so we arrived at uncle zack's house at 11pm n left there around 2am. hahah. x pnah dibuat org. so skrg ni sebenanye br je smpai rumah. peanut is still sleeping so bosaaaaaaaan~
oh yeah.rakan2..cepatla upload gamba ye. arigato gozaimasu.


ina said...

cpt2 curik gamba dr fster aku! tp x abes upload lg aa. nnt sile tdo um lg ye..

slamat keje kak~

mauri said...

ina..aku mmg bercadang nk tdo um lg dlm bln 8 ni.sile bersedia.hehe

Anonymous said...

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