Tuesday, July 8, 2008

imma freak

i dont like public toilet. i seryesly hate it when natures call whenever im outside. i once risking myself getting batu karang bcoz i refuse to go to the public toilet in bangunan cahaya suria (the one in front of pudu). unless its a clean n unsmelly, i wont go inside. n sometimes i feel like yelling at little girls waiting their moms or other women waiting for their turn; leaning on the wall or pegang2 dinding tu...god, i can feel thousand of germs lurking n crawling on the wall, on the floor, on the sink...aaaaa....
and sometimes, i cant eat at some kedai or even burger tepi jalan yg aku rs mcm x bersih. there's this one time im buying burger n then i cancelled my order coz abang tu g potong sayur2 tu x cuci tangan n lpas pegang baldi ape tah. n thats when the image of cats urinating near the pail and tikus berlari2 anak kat baldi tu time malam2 lpas die tutup kedai run in my mind. err...i know im overreacting but ok.. i am a pathetic superclean-freak who happens to wants everything to be clean and bacteria-free.

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