Thursday, July 24, 2008

im in my office.hehe

2 weeks x jenguk blog ni. been too busy i realize that i prefer literature than linguistics.its soooooooooooooo hard to explain the rules n bla bla bla to the students.i like teaching literature more.hmm...speaking of that, i think i might change the plan to further my study in linguistics coz i think i want to do postcolonial literature now...n kak ros (my colleague) is doing her masters in postcolonial literature in ukm. doi~ love her mcm nk curik je buku2 in love with literature.(finally.after years of convincing myself that linguistics is easier than literature so that i like linguistics more, i now admit that i love literature n i guess if dr. julie knows this, she'll smile.haha)
been 2 weeks in bangi. im not going to say that ive started to fall in love with this place but i like it day starts as early as 5.50 am everyday.gile awal~. since my brother's working hour starts at 8, so we have to leave the house at least by 6.30 am.then amek kak fiza at putrajaya, drop my brother at sony, n still...i am one of the earliest to punch the card. huargh. ngantuk.
ive never expexted that teaching cud be this hard.but i have fun everyday.hahah.
oh yes, i thought that im going to suffer for the lack of lawak rempit since my sources of lawak rempits are in gombak but....but the students hv become my new source. haha.gile doi everyday masuk kelas ade je lawak2 bengong.ade je bende2 nk gelak2. haha.
n i have my own office~ yay. tghari dok ofis dgn aircond..mmg rs nk tdo.haha. n since we have unlimited wireless connection, here i am downloading movies everyday. ngee~. is 24.n i have 4 days left. =)


mauri said...

come to think of it... i still prefer linguistics but i love literature as well.
but when it comes to teaching, it's easier to teach literature than linguistics.
maybe linguistics needs horrible lecturer like ehem... "dr.N" haha.

teyha! said...

yaha. c? lit is more fun. haha.
anyhoo, do not even for once think that i don't know who is dr N. so much for censorship.
syaja, if your 4 days is what i think it is, then i'm gonna be real sad. syaja's not around =(

p/s: jusco ade sale, from tmro until sept 1!

mie_amour said...

ei..ngjar kat mne ni syaza?cmbest je..a fren of mine pn smbung master in that area..postclonial literature...linguistic kene blaja cara prkataan dkluarkan kan?ahahahaha...peh,teh,deh..huhuu..