Thursday, July 3, 2008

glorious july

july is the month!
yay yay yay! *big grin* is good.alhamdulillah.
have the cheerleaders with me (seems like distance never separates us *grinning*)
have poor peanut listening to my random babbling (dat seems neverending) all the time.
ali is back for summer n lene is coming back in few weeks time *praying hard for her*
got d xm result yesterday n alhamdulillah all my worries for eap is now gone.
so long college days~ n thank you Allah for all the wonderful times i had in college.
oh yes yes...manage to lose a few kilos... ngeeee~
will start working in 2 weeks time n will hv to find a place since it'll be costly to ulang-alik from home to bangi. but dat also means dat my holy-days is ending very very soon. sob sob.
anyway, im quite nervous actuallly. u see... working is different from studying. oh now i miss my student life~ those carefree days are gone. dem. but its okay, i know i can still meet my frens anytime during wiken since they live quite nearby and them in iiu for makan besar n haih..midnite muvies perhaps...
but all i know is dat im going to switch to maxis plan yg ade unlimited internet tu... coz i cant live without google-san n ym.

apparently, ali is doing a part-time job in a workshop near his hse (apprentice-mechanic? hehe)
well, he said its a good exposure for him since he'll start the workshop thingy for his 2nd year next semester. well done my fren~ heheh.

ok.pethatic but yay~ my birthday is coming!!!!! (take note people.hehe)
already received a few comolimentary shopping vouchers for my birthday. hehe.dats the advantage of signing up for membership cards. hehe


ina said...

ko ske la promote bday

mauri said...

heheh. mane de suke...x pnah pon promote~

akucali said...

you're moving to bangi for work? come rent my room at my house lah while im renting mahalah ali in uia. hahhahahah :P.
keje ape dan dimana?

mira amir @ miraneq said...

whoa..sorry havent been catching wth u ;(
for quite sme time kan.
i hvnt even no that u r going to start wrking in 2 weeks time.
lamenye tak contact!
and must be so hard to meet u later.
anywys,happy birthday in advnce !!!
in case i forget ;)

lenepawida said...

babe.oh.bday kau bkn januari ke..hahahahahahhhahaha~!!!!!

Anonymous said...


mie_amour said...

working in bangi?where?umah kat bangi murah2..selesa lagi..untunglah..happy brithday..