Sunday, June 22, 2008

to ain n aimi: aku sayang korang. thanks for the treat!

away for almost a month now. been bz with eap's report, clearing my debts (dealing with iium's finance sgtla susah ye.benci tul) n taking all the time i hv left to enjoy the holy-land of uia (dan kwsn2 sekitarnye). too bad i didnt hv time to take aleng to danau n bora. will make it up later (august kn aleng? hehe).

well, now im at home n hv nothing to do.funny when 2 weeks ago, im begged Him to make time past faster coz i (think) ive had enuff of school. n now im asking if i can turn back time so that i wont hv to do nothing.
went to damansara perdana with ain n aimi on the last nite in uia. hahah.

1st stop: eagle nest steakhouse (funny coz they ran out of rib-eye n lamb rack but it wasnt even 1o yet. funny coz there are soooo many reserved tables when we came but nobody comes even when we got out.n the tea taste bad.-oh i might write a whole review bout this steakhouse later)

next stop: friendster

we were thinking of sharing dessert here but well, since they were tempted by the chocolate-cookies mochachino. wah. name mcm sedap sgt~ (tp mmg sedap pun weh. x tipu.) ok. i seriously want to write a review of our makan besar.later.

hahah. sedap gile sedut smpai abes.


oh. lupe. mlm tu friendster black out smpai 2 kali. hahah. pastu adela sorg pempuan gedik dok
meje sebelah lari2 g pintu ckp 'im scared....' tah pape. xde a gelap sgt kot. aku leh siap curik air
ain ngan aimi pastu leh siap tgk mamat hensem meje x a gelap sgt kan.

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