Tuesday, June 24, 2008

telur ikan kunyit

this is my lunch. in case ur wondering, i dont know wat to call it either. telur ikan+kelapa parut wrapped in daun kunit n baked till cooked. the yellowness of it comes from the tumeric n chilli paste. will ask for the recipe from nenek later. n thanks nenek for cooking me lunch. hehe. well, it makes me think that maybe.. i shud stay at nenek's house n force her to teach me how to cook. i mean, i know how to cook simple dish but something like this...i dnt know. i really think that i shud learn how to make all the kuih2 traditional asap. mcm rugi je kalau x belaja sementara nenek ade ni..
as mak says...i only know how to eat.asking nenek n mak to cook anything i want but i never learn how to cook. hehe. malay food is not easy la.leceh n messy. (shud i add high in cholestrol? hehe tp saaaaaangat sedap)i prefer baking n western. ok. i'll stick to that.
this reminds me when i was in my first year, i beg atoy n iqin to take me a restaurant in kampung baru (forgot the name but still remember its location) almost every day coz they
serve lauk pauk yg sedap n the desserts r yummy. well, im no expert in malay food but being a typical food lover, aku mmg suke betul makanan2 melayu ni. i think, seri melayu punye dessert pun kalah.
okay.nk pi makan.

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mauri said...

ok. dh tanye. name die "pais telur ikan"