Monday, June 23, 2008

irritable male syndrome

stomach cramps and mood swings plus hot flushes. its that time of the moths again.*sigh

n suddenly i was thinking whether men do experience pms. n so i google it up. lo and behold... men do suffer pms. *giggle*
ok. sorry. n in an article i read, it says that for men, its called the IMS: irritable male syndrome
haha. the 'irritable' part sounds funny. ok. sorry again (i guess im too excited to know that they hv pms too! hehe) n here are some of the symptoms: irritability, moodiness, depression, hypersensitivity, fatigue, and anger.

a study done by a professor from uni of Derby found that men actually scored higher than women in eperiencing symptoms normally associated with pms (apart from water retention)

apparently, ims is due to a mix of biochemical changes, hormonal fluctuations, stress, and identity issues a.k.a loss of male identity (cud this be due to the changing role of women?: remember in Desperate Housewives, Tom n Lynette was having a fight coz he thinks that lynette is taking over his role as the boss in the family?)

ims usually affect men between 15 to 28 and 40 to 55 years old (there's a gap there! not fair) and i also learn that men's hormonal cycle range from 30 hours to 38 days. 30 hours? women's cycle is only 28 days. peliknye.

i think ims is more on the emotional part (i dont know if it involves some kind of physical pain like stomach cramps) so that explains the mood swings that they sometimes hv. so the next time ur bf or ur brothers start acting weird, juz assume that they r having their ims. ;p

psst... there's a website about ims with an online quiz to test ims n to differentiate regular grouchiness n ims:

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