Sunday, June 22, 2008

deleting memories

The older you get, the more you look back into the past. n the past reminds us of thousands of things that might bring tears
dont know who told me this but i agree with him. or her. but i wonder how someone can forget something in the past that they really want to forget when they grow up. i know, we select things that we want to remember n things that we dont, we'll simply forget it.a friend of mine once told me that children can forget their a period of life that they dont like when they grow up. its like they can simply choose to delete any bad memory so dat they wont hv to remember it when they grow up.y cant adults do that? i remember watching in an episode where the docs were trying to save a patient by deleting his past memories (apparently, the memories cause him a heart attack everytime he sees the person who cause him the bad memories) n walla~ it works!
i dont know if this can be done in real life but wow... id like to see it n maybe..i'll try it. haha.
sometimes, the more i try to forget, the more i remember. n sometimes, its the other way round. but i think, i learn a lot (n i mean A LOT) from the past. experience is still the best teacher i guess.the best part is when it taught me how to take control.but experience cud also teach u someting bad.really me.

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