Friday, May 16, 2008

saya x fhm

i dont understand

1. typical malaysian salesgirls. they wont entertain u if u dont look "hip" or "kaya" enuf. oh yes. they'll even give u a kind of "look" for going into the shop. well, im sorry if this might sound a lil bit exaggerating but the thing is, i dont like they way they treat girls with tudung (me! me!). ala, even they only sell sleeveless dress, skirts bla bla... bole je kot nk mix n match so that it looks okay with a tudung. they dont even own the shop pun~ its people like us; i mean, its customers yg make sure they still have their job n salary kot. duh.

2.drivers who expect other cars to stop for them at roundabouts esp. during the rush hours. i also and i dont want to start about complaining about the problems of Malaysian drivers. oh yeah, malaysians are err..rude when they get behind the wheels (if im not mistaken,ive read about this somewhere in reader's digest). ye, malaysia mmg boleh~

3.people who left their leftovers+baldi yg berisi baju2 kotor+toiletries in the toilet.ergh. (ni hanye apply kpd mrk2 yg duduk kat floor aku kat kolej)

4.young couples who bring their babies to cinema.doi, if u r 200% sure that your babies wont cry while the movie is being played...then its ok. go get a nanny for your babies.i pity those babies actually. and its annoying when babies cry in the middle of a movie la..oh oh.i dont think they shud bring babies to jom heboh! carnival as well (or any other carnival). leave the baby at home if youre desperate to go to these places. oh ye, ok la...maybe kalau dh xde care sgt...bwk je la.still, pity those babies.

5.makcik2 dan pakcik2 who like to ask my mom: "bile nk ade cucu? anak saya yg umo 20 tu dh 2 anak die tau" . well here's to you makcik2 dan pakcik2: "well, im happy that u hv become a grandparents but i think my brothers n i hv a lot of other things to be taken care of b4 we settle duit sendiri utk kawin n x mintak mak bapak tanggung, perhaps?" goodness these people.cant they just mind their own business.

6.why some people do things that they know is wrong. (im included here).

7.just because i am a girl, i need to be all girly, sweet, cute bla bla bla in my blog (actually, this is about my black background). heck. maybe if i change the background to something more colourful..perhaps with the background of strawberries, rainbows, polka dots (continue the list pls.) then people wont tell me that black is boring. like i care~.this is just an escapism..n yes, i do understand it is not easy to read if the background is black but at the end of the day..its my blog people.


aini hanan said...

act salesgirls tu bukan kat msia je camtuh.. banyak kali kena kat sini.. once i went shopping and the cashier scanned all my money to make sure they're not fake.. even the 10 roubles notes (lebih skit dari seringgit).

and ada sekali ni nak try kasut, the salesgirl showed me the price and asked if i really want to try (ingat orang tak mampu ke?). i ended up buying the shoe utk membuktikan kemampuan diri. muahahah.

ina said...

yg aku blaja mase keje kt pizahat dlu : JANGAN m'diskriminasikn org.. klu nmpk org tu cm xde duit, jgn x layan die.. & klu nmpk org tu cm kaye raye, jgn la layan die cm raje..

aku pun benci mak bapak yg bwk anak2 kecik g konset! sian baby tue..