Monday, May 19, 2008

my junior

junior has been sick for a week.he refused to eat n didnt play with the other cats like he always do. well, since he's mom's favourite, she took him to the clinic last week and gosh, junior was having mouth ulcer n some kind of virus in his body (ni mesti kucing rumah sebelah punye pasal sbb suke gaduh ngan junior.huh). the vet asked to leave him there for a day. we took him back yesterday when the vet said that he's doing good.
i dont know.the vet told that he's not 100% sure if junior can survive.dem.i want him to stay.he's sooo young.n he's my favaourite too.we put him in his cage coz he needs to be quarantined.haih.jst hope he can survive.

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