Wednesday, May 14, 2008

a month

its been a month. heh and hek.
1)been busy with eap's assignment and Dr. Normalas's translation project.erm, now i think doing translation is not that easy esp when it involves malay novels that u hv to translate into english. my god. I need to brush up my malay vocab. duh. constantly hv to refer to the dictionary of the meaning of some words like..err..cant think of any right now. but yeah. i had fun laughing with ain the first time we read the novel (seriously, we feel kind of stupid sbb x fhm ape ayat yg die tulis~). very dramatic n yeah..the language used kind of pelik n i juz cant believe the words used to describe everything.
2)i hadnt been able to keep my promise to sharil.i know he must be mad at me.izzah too. gosh. i dont know y cant i juz squeeze in some free times n drive to damansara, pick them up n buy them the doughnuts. tp seriously, ive been very very very lazy to drive lately. i juz think that perhaps ive come to the point where i dont find having a car and driving as something fun anymore. (first time dpt kete ngan lesen dulu mmg a gile excited kan...haha)
3)last sunday was mother's day. love u mak.and next saturday is bobo's bday.n the week after is mak's bday.uh. so many presents to buy. yaiks.saye pokai~ nak duit...nak duit....
4)a month.a lot to write actually.later. bye.

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ina said...

leh x pnjmkn lesen n kete ko kt aku? ehe~
aku tatau la bape juta thn lg baru nk ade lesen..
owh senanye aku benci drive pn!