Sunday, May 25, 2008

hati ku bernyanyi riang

n so stacy is the new juara af. dem.riz kacak kot.oh, i mean his eyes n his voice.dem sexy.haha
but stacy is better kot.nvm, none of my business pun.

anyway, i was asking erine to be my referee n before i can tell her that im planning to quit, she suggest me to stay n go full time. aiyoh. kacau plan aku tul.
n here i am thinking n thinking n thinking of my future. the uncertain future. anyway, im still thinking of hunda jazz right now. anyone kind enuf (n kaya enuf)to buy me one? huargh. ok. dh lari topik.

tetapi hatiku bernyanyi riang coz i know someone is there to help me thinking. haha.
its gud enuf to know that someone is there.but its better when i know that i can have that someone to share n help.yes, sharing n caring is gud. wahaha. (teringat ayat kat dinding bilik kaunseling skola dulu).

n here's a toast to a friend who has always been a part of my plan n err...problem..juz so u know, u r not forgotten dear. cepatla balik mesia mok! n i cant wait for a girlfriend who also, has been part of my lifela senang come back home for the summer.

to all my dear loving n gojes friends...wherever u are..i am missing u people..bosan tul. da a aku x dpt join g bandung.huk huk huwaaa~

ok.i think i better stop now.gudnite.

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