Sunday, April 13, 2008

the little things

i cried myself to sleep last night n thank you mr.peanut for comforting me with ur "kata-kata semangat". hehe
but the gloominess seems to stay with me until now.but at sober now. despite the bad day im having at work, something happened which makes me smile n a bit happy la... i guess its always like this. the little things that happened to me are always the things that actually make me smile n happy.

" are very nice... gimme ur contact number so next time i come, i can buy you a treat or anything bla bla bla" yeah, elin gave her my number n she texted me juz now to thank me n again, telling me that im so so freindly, so this.. so that la... n promise to buy me something the next time she come.hehe. anyway, the point is, i helped this lady who's struggling to wrap her gifts though i was having a bad but-not-so-bad-day today. n so to cut it short, lesson learned: tolong menolong amalan mulia. haha.

erm, o yeah. actually i want to write about something else but duno y i write bout this. mengong.
okayh. nk tgk mu main. babai.

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