Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i shud see her earlier

thank god the internet is back again. after weeks of "maaf cik, kabel telekom di kawasan rumah cik dicuri lagi"... akhirnye dpt gak o9.b4 i forget, i curse u mr.pencurik kabel. bengong.

the short break started yesterday.
spent the whole day with syairah, going to the embassy, klcc, estabel, n midvalley. gile penat.
anyway, sharil called me juz now telling me that his mom passed away last night. innalillah.
i remember seeing his missed call last nite but i didnt bother to call him back coz i thought its his usual call after die balik keje. my god. menyesalnye.
that is menyesal number 1.
menyesal number 2 is that i didnt get the chance to visit her since she was admitted to the hospital. i keep saying.. "nanti week month la..." n now, i cant see her anymore. haih. tu la... tangguh2 lg.
so tomorrow im going to sharil's hse. hopefully izzah will be there too.if not, mcm segan jek since i only know her n sharil.
o yeah. it has been 2 years since i last met sharil n izzah. gile lame. asek tangguh n asek cancel plan nk jumpe je. kan last2 jumpe time x best mcm ni. wonder they call me sombong.

al-fatihah for his mom.

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