Thursday, March 20, 2008

a walk

mereka di belakan dan saye didepan. ha ha ha
its a good feeling walking along the jungle trails and paved steps at the hutan lipur kanching with my friends today.
well, since yesterday was the last day of the semester,our mini 'jungle trekking' reminds me of the good feelings that i have each time i walked back to the hostel at 7pm after the many extra-classes this semester. =)considering the path that i took to get back to the college, i gues... its pretty much the same except that the trees and the view are much much much better. ha ha.
n of course, having them around means a day full of laughter and lawak rempit. ba ha ha. oh ye, harusla jugak ade sesi2 bergambar. but that i have to wait for ben to upload kat facebook la~ adeh.

The jungle canopies offer shade from the sun and the rush of the waterfalls is music to the our ears. bestnye dpt g hutan. arrived there around 854 am if im not mistaken n being the early birds(wahahaha.susah gile nk kejut sumeorg bgn awal!) seronokla dpt mandi mande sbb x ramai org lagi. hehe there r 7 levels of waterfall there but since kami x cukup tenaga, duduk je la kat level 3... haha. after all, the paved steps stop at level 5 n the jungle trails were slippery this morning so we didnt dare to go to the 6th level. lagipun, we were the only people there at that time, i guess coz it was still early kot. so turunla balik ke level 3. haha.

penat sgt turun tangge la ni~

btw, being the only one who cant swim... yeapp..they had fun bullying me. nanti la...nanti..nanti aku blaja swim. haha