Sunday, March 16, 2008

im at balloon buzz

yeap. lamenye x jenguk blog nih.
erh. im using Erine's pc while she went out to tapau her lunch~
been busy with my other blog. its a recipe blog. where me n jannah pick out the best recipes that weve tried (x semuala dh di-try k)n post kat blog tu.
well, its actually an assignment for computer application but heh... everytime i get the chance to surf, mestiu nk update that blog..last22 x smpt update blog sendiri. *sigh*tah pape, it was supposed to be a groupwprk but then, biasela... manusia2 ni kalau da grupwork namenye..mesti sorg due je yg wat keje. bengongla.

anyway, final exam starts next week..i mean 24march n im freaking out coz i havent start doing any revision~ hua hahaha.
cant wait for the hols. nak jalan2 yay!

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aleng munirah said...

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