Tuesday, February 12, 2008

therapeutic rambling

i have nothing against stupid girls. but i dont like stupid girls with no brains who keep giving excuses for not doing their work. that double stupidity.
i dont know whether to call me generous, baik...or selfish. but in the end, i chose to be selfish.
i erased my group member's name on my report analysis before handed it to the lecturer. well. it is My analysis after all.not theirs.
what kind of stupid person they are for not replying my sms and not answering my call when i asked them to come for a disscussion. well, im still oki with that. n so i went on doing the report on my own and when ive done, i texted them asking for their full name n matric number but hey hey..no replies. n today, on the day of the presentation itself, none of them showed up. baguslah. lpastu pandai pulak nk sms ckp "ala yang..sorry, x dpt dtg hari ni". babi. n thats when i deleted their name.
padan muke.
not to mention about another group member for another different subject whos just as stupid as those girls i mentioned before. think that i'll buy ur stupid excuse that ur cousin is getting married during the cny holiday? see how shallow n how stupid she is. bodohnye thinking that i dont know about her partying for three days in a row during the holiday. duh. kalau dah mabuk2 sampai 3 hari tu of course la xle wat keje kan. n now, she's asking me to help her to do her analysis which she thought ive done for her. gi mampos. kawan ke x kawan ke.. but enuf is enuf.

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ina said...

garangnye ko ja.. tp klu aku pn, aku wt bende yg same.. hehe