Saturday, February 23, 2008


i dont know wat makes my lecturer asked us to discuss about love n relationship in class. o yeah, its bcoz one of the classmate (who is getting married soon.very soon.or perhaps da kawin.i duno)asked him "wat is true love?"
hell, then he asked us to list down anything that we think is true love. thank god he didnt asked me to write in on the board.coz i dont know wat true love is.

we(n i mean me, najib, n syikin)were practicing taegeuk,(seriously, i dont know how to spell this)najib told us about his japanese gf.woo..aku ingt die memain ckp gf die jepun, rupenye mmg betul2 jepun. well, apparently...they ehem, broke up last month n he regret his decision to let her go. bodoh gak a tp nk wat cane, bende da jadi.

n then, syikin went on mean, i can see it on her face la.n all her comments on najib n his ex-gf n on me..

oh well, im not in the mood for love.


mie_amour said...

eh chup!!...sape ni?ala...gambo tak clear lak...tak nampak..ehehhee..neway nice topic laa yor lect suh discuss tuh...suke laa...bsides my tesis pun psal love n rlationship..mnarik2...subjek pe tu?

mauri said...

subjek "world literature" hehe.kitorg tgh discuss bout this one novel yg ckp sal love,marriage,trust bla bla...