Friday, February 15, 2008

.friday at hostel.

if only they have told us earlier about the performance for tomorrow's kononnye "big-day" i cud hv met neneq n syai this evening at midvalley.i cud have met sara n send her to airport...i cud go to CM for the the old hse launch tomorrow..or i cud go to mahathir's talk at cac. tp haih.
too many dissappointment in just one day.i know i shud not think too much bout this but i just cudnt.its not even past noon when i had my 3rd dissappointment today. adehla... but yea,ive been able to control myself n thanks to nurul and teha coz being there when i need people to make me talk n talk so i wont be thinking bout my dissappointment.
bla bla bla.i blame the hormone.its the time of the month so it must be the hormon right? o yeah, but if i was dissappoint by other people, how come they know that today is my time of the month? o yeah, must be coinsidense then. sucks.if i live in denial, i must fake everything.if i face reality, i make myself vulnerable.but then again, life is life.

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mira amir @ miraneq said...

it's ok la..there's still nx time kan?