Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i dont like a lot of things actually

I am supposed to upload some pictures today but i dont have time to do that. maybe, just maybe.. i'll do that tomorrow.or maybe the day after tomorrow.
you see, i dont like using cc's pc to upload or download anything. trust me, i rarely go to the cc. i just dont like typing or uploading, bla bla bla in the presence of unfamiliar people.i just dont.
btw, i am still thinking of a name for my group presantation of american literature. and thank god my group members doent put silly, childish name like err... ala, name2 yg konon2 comel n cute la (tlg fhm2 sendiri ok). i dont like fancy name as my group name.whats more, a cute childish name. i just hate it when there's this grup of students (mostly girls) letak name2 manje la..name2 bunge la..name cartoon la.. as their group name. it annoys me. i know, y shud i bother but the thing is... pls show some maturity. or at least, pls be professional. oh oh, n i loathe fancy bling-bling cute powerpoint presentation (where sometimes they have butterflies flying here n there, bunnies lompat2, n they put pictures of ape2 lagi tah). merepek. sakit mate kot. i think, if i am going to be a teacher or lecturer nnt, i will never let my students do these things. n i will deduct their marks if they send me a report with colourful cover. eurgh.
some people juz cant let go of their childhood agaknye. but at least, be professional.


Shay said...

Its life after all... everyone has a little child inside them. Well we are all human so we cant expect everyone to understand each and everyone around them heh..heh.. By the way kalau u ni jadi cikgu ke lecturer ke kalau dok sekat ni dok sekat itu sure u will get the status the hated person in school hahaha

mauri said...

doi..x sakit mate ke tgk power point presentation for topic yg serius like history tp ade rama2 terbang ke sane sini? well, i know i cant expect everyone to understand me so dats y i dont go n sound diorg depan2 time diorg present. btw, i xnk pun jd cikgu. haha. sure the kids will hate me.