Friday, January 11, 2008

hu la la

mom always knows best? i dont know coz obviously im not a mother yet... but semua emak mmg somehow tau ke ape anak die rase?
hehe.for example, when i really2 want to eat something which i couldnt get in uia somehow i think my mom can sense it. so when i get back home, she'll cook the thing that i want to eat. selalu mmg mcm tu la.
juz now when i came back from college, i realized that my room looks a bit "empty". hehe. she cleaned up my room yesterday (she told me). yepp, aku mmg pemalas.haha. n somehow, hati kecilku seperti menjerit2 coz there's this few things that ive always wanted to get rid off tp biasela...(malas punye pasal so asik tangguh je nk buang bende2 tu)but yay! those stuffs that used to gave me eyesore are no longer on my dressing longer hidden under my study desk. phew~ mcm tau2 je aku nk buang brg2 tu. hehe
ok, ive promised her not to keep anything that i obviously dont need anymore after this. tapi.. i am quite sentimental i guess so i love to keep a few things that r important to me.juz for...keepsake. haha. now i have tp dig my "precious" boxes in which i store everything that i think have some sentimental value. hehe. o yeah, im thinking of my "biodata books" (which used to be extremely famous when i was in primary school). haha.

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ina said...

buku biodata tu bende plg berharge aku rase.. hehe.. tp aku x tatap buku tu slalu la..