Friday, December 28, 2007

they are lucky, aren't they?

i personally know 2 girls who can get almost everything they want by simply asking from their boy-friends.i dont think that i can consider those men as their bf coz to me, they are juz their skandal.come on, how can call them as their boyfriends if i know that the girls are juz playing with them n yes, they have more than just one boyfriend at the same time.puh-lease.gile kesian perempuan2 mcm ni.same goes to the men ok.loser.
seriously.they are men who willingly buy everything that the girls want.yea, they thought (i repeat, diorg ingat) that these 2 girls are serious with them but no, they are not.ive heard of stories about young girls who live in "luxury" because they have very very generous boyfriends but these 2 girls that i know are not young(well, at least im a lot younger than them)but heck, when i see it with my own eyes....omg, this is wat i'll tell those men: bodohnye belikan semua ni utk perempuan yg kau sendiri tau x serius dgn kau.baik bagi duit tu kat anak bini kau, bodoh.
wait.i need to get this straight.they are only 2 girls here but there are more than 2men tau..if u know wat i meanla kan...
yes, these 2 girls are lucky because they get watever they,shoes,bags,cars,expensive gadgets bla bla bla bla bla.
this is wat they told me when they need something new or something whateverla: ala...nnt i bole je mintak kat ***** or, they'll say: xpe.nnt i call ***** suro die ganti yg baru eh? xpun i suro je la die belikan utk i....sometimes i do feel jealous but..i dont think i can be happy living with someone else's money. what's more, i can never ever be as happy as these women are when they proudly showing off their new shoes or their new gadgets or their new perfumes, make-ups(which are obviously paid by those pathetic men).god. i'll feel really really bad doing that.n i am sorry, but i seriously dont think that these 2 women deserve my respect. especially when they know that the men that they are playing with have their own family.married men with wife and cud they do that? try to put urself in their wife's shoe. x kesian ke? wat if the same thing happen to u in future? well i dont think that these girls even think bout all this. money makes them go deaf,dumb, and dark.
but at the end of the day,i think...yes, they are lucky n those men are stupid.oh btw, i'd like to feel sorry for those men but i juz couldn't coz i think they themsleves are stupid. why cant they see it for themselves. kate orang tua lagi banyak makan garam, so kenapela x bole pk sendiri sampai sanggup berhabis beribu2 utk "kekasih muda".love is blind ke?