Friday, December 28, 2007


i hate the fact that i cant go online during weekdays because the stupid university is "upgrading the wireless system". yes, thats wat they told me when i keep calling them asking about the wireless. n ive stopped calling since i dont remember when. n im too lazy to waste my time waiting for pc at the cc.(uh, if im not mistaken,someone wrote a complaint letterin Berita Harian last 2 weeks but...urgh, mcmla org-org admin tu peduli pun)
n so, i have soooooo many things to write. haha.

ok.enuf with leaving this place soon pun(insyaallah.i hope)

i have a confession to lets start with this compliment from a friend of mine. "kamu ni lampi sangat la.blur pulak tu". uuuu~ i never thought that my blur-ness n lampi-ness is really bad smpaila i mistakenly read someone else's blog assuming it to be my friend's blog for more than a year. ya allah, bengong betul. aimi n ben cud not stop laughing when i told them that the blog is *something.blogspot* becoooozzzz that wasnt my friend's blog! habis tu, selame ni aku dok komen blog orang la? *tepuk dahi*
n juz now when i sent that friend of mine to lrt station, i asked her n she said : woi, blog sape kamu bace tu? ha ha ha.
one word. malunye.


mira amir @ miraneq said...

owh hye.i xtau u sape.can u leave me a clue??

mira amir @ miraneq said...

haha i dh tau.u r the gorgeous syaza!!!haha.10 for me :P

Aini hAnaN said...

syaza! know what? i wanted to read your frenster blog but u moved. so i googled u up and here i am!